Tuesday, May 9, 2017

KickASS Abs & Core Workout

 Alright! Are you ready for an insanely intense, 20 minute workout that will turn your abdomen and buttocks into pure steel?!? This is the BRUTAL, yet awesome workout you are looking for! Enjoy!

For the record, this isn’t YOGA, rather a KICKASS pilates (Abs and Core) routine with hints of yoga influence. Read more for how to incorporate some Sanskrit poses into this mix.


This workout is not for the timid. It will make you sweat and will make you sore – but it’s a GOOD HURT… you know, when your abs ache the next day and you KNOW you accomplished something.

Awesome right?!!

I’ll be honest. I had to pause this video a few times and take a moment for some Balasana! Also known as Child's Pose.

Balasana is - a great Stretch to pull you through and rest up for a moment, while still keeping your key core muscles active. If you're like me, this workout may feel like its getting too intense and I needed a breather. Go ahead - hit pause and rest for a moment in Child's Pose!

Enjoy the rewards of a brief Balasana rest, breathe and then back at it. Repeat Child's Pose/Balasana, as needed to get through the whole thing!

Level of intensity: Advanced.

29 minutes sounds reasonable and doable, but this is a TOUGH video - with equally HARDCORE results! So stick it out!! Its worth it!!

Meanwhile, enjoy those ROCK hard Abs for the beach this summer!!

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