Friday, October 28, 2016

Nine FANTASTIC Outdoor Destinations: Canada

Click here for a great list of NINE fabulous and fun outdoor "to-do's" in Canada. Check out this site, if only for the breathtaking photos!!

Kubra Dagli ROCKS!!

Kubra Dagli is amazing! She gets full kudos from me - shame on you Turkey officials whom try to shame her tremendous athletic abilities!!
I love Kubra''s talent and Taekwondo mastery. She absolutely rocks!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The BEST of Chums!!

The Best of Chums!!

(I absolutely NEED to get me one of these!! or SIX!!)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

House MD - foreva!!

with another Briton Star holder!! Emma Thompson
Classic Laurie
It's official. Hugh Laurie is a STAR and to prove it take a walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame and count to 2,593!

That's his star's number and he earned it!! Hugh will always be fondly known as House MD, to me (and I'm sure to millions and millions of other fans)...

House MD was the show that thrilled and chilled and made me laugh, cry, ponder and fall absolutely, defensively in love with this cynical, in-your-face, ready to die for his passion(s), shocking, vicodin-popping, outstandingly musically inclined, stunning, never quit, always speak his mind, take on ANYTHING (and always win) genius: Mr. Gregory House.

How I loved binging on his many seasons during a month or two of Netflix, indulging on nothing but House. I got hooked, not only on him, not only on the medicine, but on the drama, OH, THE DRAMA! - the supportive characters - his "crew" and the amazing work by David Shore's writing and directorial staff!!

Well done. Soooo well done. The cast are / were like family to me... and yes, I still have three episodes to go to complete the finale of Season 8. Maybe I put it off because I just can't bare to say goodbye!! But hey, for now, I just want to congratulate um, I mean: Hugh Laurie - for his outstanding performance year after year in this iconic role, and sure to come MANY others!

He earned this STAR on Hollywood's Walk of Fame and I personally can't wait to stop by and admire number 2,593 for a few revering moments: this great actors' honourable achievement!!


Spencer Hawke: Espionage Book Series


Check out this riveting four-part book thriller/suspense/espionage series written by my talented client: Spencer HawkeCLICK HERE.

ATTN Producers: All of Spencer’s books have been adapted into screenplay and Oxygen Films is seeking the right production company to option this series as an upcoming four-year summer-release BLOCKBUSTER franchise!!

Interested producers should reach out to me at Oxygen Films
(info at oxygenfilms dot ca)

This great espionage series can be compared to titles such as Mission Impossible, 24 (TV), Body Of Lies, Clear And Present Danger and the Jason Bourne series.

His books are all available for you at this website, please take a look, grab a copy and enjoy!

Here’s a Sneak Peak into Book One of the series:

Title: Arrows of Islam
Genre: Action/Espionage/Thriller/Suspense/ Mystery/War/ Foreign (Russia, Iran, Europe)/ Adaptation
(Screenplay available for production – The Eyes of Athena - adapted from the book Arrows of Islam by Spencer Hawke)

Logline: Former Mossad super-agent Ari Cohen battles a terrorist conspiracy involving Iran, Russia, the Mob and a web of intrigue involving a more than 200-year-old secret American society sworn to protect America called The Eyes of Athena.

Comparable Titles: Mission Impossible, 24 (TV), Body Of Lies, Clear And Present Danger, The Jason Bourne series.

His entire four-part series is available on Amazon… (To check out Book One: ARROWS OF ISLAM - CLICK HERE)

Agent: Hazel Hoyle, Oxygen Films

Monday, October 24, 2016

Batman bitch-slaps Trump

Batman is truly on to something here...

Hemp toilet paper SAVES 10 MILLION Trees per year

This clearly is the solution to needless tree/lumber consumption for the production of paper products. LET'S SAVE THE FORESTS PEOPLE!! Come on!

You can't grow a tree in five months (or even five years (or ten years!!))but you can renew hemp plants thrice every year.


Save the Forests! Save our Oxygen supply. Save our TREES!!! Hemp is renewable thrice a year. Let's make this a new GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL priority!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Beauty After the Hurricane...

My colleague/producer/friend's home and life was ravished by Florida's Hurricane Michael a week and a half ago. Floods and outrageous winds. She was of course Federally Mandated to evacuate, like more than 2Million others.... What an upside down week for her. But perhaps now that it has dispersed...this resulting, beautiful shell-filled beach may be an uplifting sight for her!

Click here for the source story on Knowables

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Monday, October 17, 2016

The latest for Mark Violi!!

Check out this book on Amazon! My client, Mark Violi is the official screenwriter for the Seven-Part Young Adult Adventure Series. And his screenplay, Adventures Along the Jersey Shore, is now available for option or outright purchase to the right producer, seeking a film franchise or television series!!

Genre: Adventure/Teen /Mystery/ Family/Ocean/Pirates/ Television (optional)/Adaptation

Logline: While spending summer vacation with their aunt on Long Beach Island, two teenaged siblings and their new friend stumble upon a priceless pendant and find themselves swept up in tales of Atlantic pirates and their ruthless terrestrial brethren, the “Mooncussers.” A search for ancient treasure leads the teens not only to danger, but to the surprising untold story behind South Jersey’s lost island which sank into the sea long ago.

Interested producers, hit me up at

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Vancouver in the Clouds

Vancouver in the Clouds - what a beautiful British Columbia city! Lion's Gate Bridge and the North Shore -- stunning view!