Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Spencer Hawke: Espionage Book Series


Check out this riveting four-part book thriller/suspense/espionage series written by my talented client: Spencer HawkeCLICK HERE.

ATTN Producers: All of Spencer’s books have been adapted into screenplay and Oxygen Films is seeking the right production company to option this series as an upcoming four-year summer-release BLOCKBUSTER franchise!!

Interested producers should reach out to me at Oxygen Films
(info at oxygenfilms dot ca)

This great espionage series can be compared to titles such as Mission Impossible, 24 (TV), Body Of Lies, Clear And Present Danger and the Jason Bourne series.

His books are all available for you at this website, please take a look, grab a copy and enjoy!

Here’s a Sneak Peak into Book One of the series:

Title: Arrows of Islam
Genre: Action/Espionage/Thriller/Suspense/ Mystery/War/ Foreign (Russia, Iran, Europe)/ Adaptation
(Screenplay available for production – The Eyes of Athena - adapted from the book Arrows of Islam by Spencer Hawke)

Logline: Former Mossad super-agent Ari Cohen battles a terrorist conspiracy involving Iran, Russia, the Mob and a web of intrigue involving a more than 200-year-old secret American society sworn to protect America called The Eyes of Athena.

Comparable Titles: Mission Impossible, 24 (TV), Body Of Lies, Clear And Present Danger, The Jason Bourne series.

His entire four-part series is available on Amazon… (To check out Book One: ARROWS OF ISLAM - CLICK HERE)

Agent: Hazel Hoyle, Oxygen Films

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