Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hot Celebs on Strombo!

I’ve spent the last few days catching up on George Stroumboulopoulos: The Hour from CBC. This has to be the best Canadian Broadcasting material I’ve seen to date!! Kudos to Toronto and Canada for this show.

Over the last five years George has interviewed politicians, activists, environmentalists, celebrities, actors and musicians and his interviews are the most well-researched I’ve seen since Barbara Walters! His line of questioning is fast and furious, but funny, intimate and surprizing. The shows I watched over the last two days were with celebrities, actors and a few musicians. I highly recommend you travel to the YouTube site: Hot Celebs on Strombo! and check it out.

Watching back over the last six years allowed me to see the same people interviewed once or a few times, which provided a cool evolution of the person’s career, personal life topics and then and now current projects. Among those I watched were Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Matthew McConaughey, Gene Simmons, Edward Norton, Matt Damon, Pink, Slash, Will Ferrell, David Spade, Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Hugh Jackman, Anil Kapoor, Daniel Radcliffe, Jack Gyllenhaal, Giovanni Ribisi, Jodi Foster, Marisa Tomei, Anna Kendrick, Ted Danson, John Cusack, Sebastian Bach, Gerard Butler, Mark Wahlberg, Zach Galifianakis, Quentin Tarantino, Tom Cruise and Woody Harrelson!

What a line-up of great interviews with interesting people. Thanks George – you nailed it…I love watching everybody in the Red Chair. Check out the the Top 49 on my site – Hot Celebs on Strombo!
One warning – after watching this, I really don’t like David Spade or Sebastian Bach anymore…Sorry guys, you sorta suck.

Tom Cruise with George Stroumboulopoulos