Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Afghanistan - an original song I wrote a few years back, which I think will touch the hearts of everyone listening! Including veterans, soldiers and patriots.

The song was inspired by the Winter Olympics hosted in Vancouver in 2010 where I was privileged to see every nation and country of our planet gather together in solidarity for a peaceful purpose - sporting events. It was fabulous to see people from worlds away who previously or even currently were otherwise at war with each other - coming together with a peaceful and common goal. Sporting events! I felt suddenly (again) like the world at war simply made so little sense, when clearly our entire planet would come together like this so peaceably.

My love for this occurrence inspired great hope, but also made me again question the insanity of war. My song, Afghanistan is inspired by these thoughts and moments.

Warning: The guitar I borrowed that afternoon was a little out of tune, so please bear with me - and also the amateur video is a little shaky - it was recorded last summer on an iPod, by my beautiful 10-year old daughter : )... Voice and venue acoustics sound good though!!! Enjoy & please add comments!!