Tuesday, October 25, 2016

House MD - foreva!!

with another Briton Star holder!! Emma Thompson
Classic Laurie
It's official. Hugh Laurie is a STAR and to prove it take a walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame and count to 2,593!

That's his star's number and he earned it!! Hugh will always be fondly known as House MD, to me (and I'm sure to millions and millions of other fans)...

House MD was the show that thrilled and chilled and made me laugh, cry, ponder and fall absolutely, defensively in love with this cynical, in-your-face, ready to die for his passion(s), shocking, vicodin-popping, outstandingly musically inclined, stunning, never quit, always speak his mind, take on ANYTHING (and always win) genius: Mr. Gregory House.

How I loved binging on his many seasons during a month or two of Netflix, indulging on nothing but House. I got hooked, not only on him, not only on the medicine, but on the drama, OH, THE DRAMA! - the supportive characters - his "crew" and the amazing work by David Shore's writing and directorial staff!!

Well done. Soooo well done. The cast are / were like family to me... and yes, I still have three episodes to go to complete the finale of Season 8. Maybe I put it off because I just can't bare to say goodbye!! But hey, for now, I just want to congratulate Gregory...er um, I mean: Hugh Laurie - for his outstanding performance year after year in this iconic role, and sure to come MANY others!

He earned this STAR on Hollywood's Walk of Fame and I personally can't wait to stop by and admire number 2,593 for a few revering moments: this great actors' honourable achievement!!


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