Saturday, March 11, 2017

weird dreams

Ever had those weird dreams where you're running from something and your legs freeze to slow motion, or you try to scream or yell, but nothing comes out, or you’re frantically rolling up the car window and it just won't close, while “they” approach ... ??

Been there, right!? Lately, when I have a similar "helpless moment" in a weird dream, ...
my voice and my legs work just fine, its often my sense of direction getting lost endlessly in hallways, stairwells, streets etc. and its crazy-making, but most lately, it’s just this: my device won't work.

The sensation is equally as chilling in my former weird dreams when I want to run or scream or speak or manually roll up the car window... but the eerie sensation is basically caused from my device malfunctioning and it is crippling.

I'm frantically or desperately needing to call someone, but the phone icon or keypad or contact information on my device can't be found or simply won’t work. Or that person's number just won't dial, or the camera icon is simply missing and I just can’t get it to work; but it all carries the same spooky vibe, formerly caused by being desperately unable to scale a very steep, ice-covered, blizzard storming road.... and now if I’m having a stressful moment in a weird dream, its my device. What the heck is happening to me... sorta funny though when I wake up...

Anyone can relate?

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