Thursday, March 16, 2017

Snoop Shoots Orange-faced Clown President

Did Snoop Dogg go too far in his most recent music video??

BADBADNOTGOOD by Lavender ft. Kaytranada & Snoop Dogg (Nightfall Remix) is a must-see, extremely controversial, chilling and politically incorrect, stunning video!!

Presidential assassination threats are a dangerous reality in our unsettled modern world, and as Snoop articulately depicts American's 45th President as a clown that needs "dealing with", he sends an alarming idea/message to millions of his fans worldwide.

Since the video was uploaded to YouTube just FOUR days ago on March 12, 2017, BADBADNOTGOOD has already received over 5 Million views!

With those enormous numbers of fandom,  the question needs to be raised: is this sort of message: a straight-up gunfire hit on the "orange-faced POTUS clown from the 'Clown House,'" followed by haughty, self-important celebration,  partying and continued mockery of the then tied-up-with-chains' President, really what we want American's highly persuadable youth and troubled young adults to contemplate?

Is pulling that gun and shooting the orange-faced clown in front of a colossal social media audience of millions pushing the envelope of self-expression to an unsafe, hazardous place?

For the record, I personally love Snoop Dogg, including all his controversy. And frankly, I find the video BADBADNOTGOOD by Lavender ft. Kaytranada & Snoop Dogg (Nightfall Remix) to be entertaining, riveting and thought provoking!

However, I will state, this sort of message to the American youth and troubled young adults, is dangerous!

Check out the video yourself and leave comments please. Did Snoop go too far??


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