Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Martin Luther King Jr. Day & Selma...

To honor Martin Luther King Jr. yesterday, we watched Selma.

Oscar clean-up last year, is likely a movie you watched 12 months or longer ago. But this movie is worth a second viewing. I simply love this man; his devotion; his depth, his passion, his strength and his faith. What a great man of God and what a great human-being.

It is always a tough reminder to see the various struggles the then called, Negroes, went through to earn simple everyday rights which we as North Americans, now, so frequently take for granted. So much bloodshed and determination which fought for these rights.

Plan B, Cloud Eight, Celador, Pathe and Harpo Films – hat goes off to each of you. What a stunningly wonderful movie.

I realize this film's greatness is older news now, but in light of the holiday yesterday, I felt it was certainly worth a mention. An absolutely fabulous film. Worth another watch!!

Happy belated birthday, Martin and continued rest in peace.

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