Thursday, August 3, 2017

12 Things You Can Do for Your Small Business While Watching Netflix

Ok, so this article doesn’t really give you things to do WHILE binging on Netflix, but it does throw 12 practical tips your way on how to improve your business, develop a better online store, improve your product pages, automate your social media posts, curate customer loyalty and in essence MAKE MORE MONEY… So it is a great article to read!
For me however, if I’m binging on Netflix (Scandal, Prison Break, Narcos, MadMen, Better Call Saul, Shameless, House of Cards…YES, I’ve binged a time or two!!), I won’t be practising these 12 great tips while digging into my bowl of buttery, jalapeno popcorn.  

BUT, I will and CAN follow these 12 awesome pointers when the episode ends, the tube is turned off and my workday/week commences!

Let’s be honest, if you’re watching a great show, don’t think about work. Clear your head, relax, enjoy the escape -- and then, when you are rested and refuelled and it’s time again to work, dig into these 12 pointers. They can make all the difference for your small business!!
Click the Pic to read full 5 minute article!

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