Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Spencer Hawke: Espionage Series - Book Four

As I've been mentioning the past few weeks, my client, Spencer Hawke, has a fabulous espionage/suspense/thriller book series which you will absolutely LOVE! 
Book Four:

Title: The Journey of the Bell
Genre: Espionage/Suspense/Action/Thriller/Political/Drama/ Trilogy/ Foreign (Russia, Europe and Africa)/Adaptation
(Screenplay adaptation is currently being drafted soon to be available for production  - by Spencer Hawke)

Logline: This espionage novel tells the tale of the founding fathers who were tired of England's spies and politics creating not only a new government, but a secret society with an espionage and intelligence mandate to safeguard the ideals of the nation's hard-won freedom. This thrilling, latest addition to the series takes us back to the BEGINNING of the Eyes of Athena first became...This is their story.

Comparable Titles: Mission Impossible, 24 (TV), Body Of Lies, Clear And Present Danger, The Jason Bourne series.  

His entire four-part series is available on Amazon... (To check out Book Four - THE JOURNEY OF THE BELL: THE BEGINNING  - CLICK HERE)

ATTN Producers: All of Spencer’s books have been adapted into screenplay and Oxygen Films is seeking the right production company to option this series as an upcoming four-year summer-release BLOCKBUSTER franchise!!

Interested producers should reach out to me!

Agent: Hazel Hoyle, Oxygen Films

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