Friday, November 1, 2013

About Me

Hazel Hoyle 

I am a literary artist who enjoys helping writers with GREAT stories to be heard.

I dabble in social media marketing and enjoy blogging and connecting with people who like to make money through honest means, hard work and persistence in following their passions and dreams. 

I love a glass of Argentinian Malbec or German beer among friends or in solitude against the sound of waves upon the shore or music from my Youtube faves. 

My virtues are family values, loyalty, a strong moral compass and boundaries. 

Physical disciplines include long walks, hiking, yoga, snowboarding and various sunbathed leisures. 

I'd like to help you start your own online ecommerce business and to get your unique and academy award worthy stories to the big screen with worldwide distribution before billions of filmgoers.

Depending on your personalized interest in my consultation or assistance, connect with me at;; or